January 2007 Board Meeting Minutes

FSP Board of Directors Meeting Minutes 1/21/2007

In Attendance:

Steve Cobb Jon Maltz Sandy Pierre Brian Sullivan Varrin Swearingen Absent:

Jason Sorens Morey Straus Meeting Agenda

I. Decision: Future of FSP (deferred from last month)

II. Decision: Purging non-contactable non-voters from participant database (deferred from last month and contingent upon outcome of item I)

III. Board member presence at Porc Fest for a 'doers' / volunteer meeting

IV. Promotion of Liberty Forum

Meeting was called to order by Varrin at 2:15PM FST.

Brief discussion of Item I.

Morey joins the meeting at 2:21PM.

Varrin moves that Steve be appointed Chair for the meeting; Jon seconds. Voting on motion: 6 ayes, 0 nays, 0 abstentions. Motion carries.

Steve takes agenda items out of order.

III. Board member presence at Porc Fest for a 'doers' / volunteer meeting

Varrin reports that Board members are requested to be present for an admin / doers meeting with the following date and time: June 22nd, 4:00 p.m. (Friday of PorcFest). Response is Varrin, Brian, Jon as yes, Morey as yes but not as a Board member, Sandy and Steve as maybe / confirm later. Jason had previously said maybe via email.

IV. Promotion of Liberty Forum

Jon reports there are currently 135 keynote seats sold, 112 3-day passes, 96 Friday dinners, and 16 1-day passes. Discussion of expected LF turnout, profit vs loss, and upcoming expenses. Irena just presented a draft press release for the Ron Paul announcement. Sandy reports that PIC wrote and sent out earlier in the week a "First 1000 Successful" press release that mentioned LF. Discussion of making LF more prominent on the FSP homepage. Concern is expressed because none of the Board members have seen PIC's press release and Google News is currently showing no sign of it. Morey says he will call Brian G. tonight to discuss. Discussion of various ways to promote LF. Since Treasurer isn't present, no motions are made to allocate additional advertising funds for LF.

Varrin and Morey both indicate that they will need to leave soon. Varrin points out that we're 1.25 hours into the meeting and haven't begun discussion of the "big cahuna" yet. Some Directors express unwillingness to discuss Items I and II without all Directors present.

I. Decision: Future of FSP

Discussion of what a revised, more flexible FSP pledge might look like. Some possibilities are

"I promise to move in X years if Y people promise..." "I will move in X years, OR I will move when Y people move, OR, I will move when Z people pledge" "I pledge to move within X years after Y people commit to moving and Z have moved"

Morey leaves the meeting.

Several Directors express a desire to have no deadline, but to also allow people to back out until their move has been triggered. Suggestion to "warn" participants when their move is close to being triggered.

II. Decision: Purging non-contactable non-voters from participant database

Discussion of possible new requirement for participants to check in with the FSP periodically to confirm their continued participation. Disagreement on this issue; some Directors prefer to list uncontactable, unresponsive participants as "Inactive".

Varrin needs to leave (which would result in loss of quorum). Discussion of deferring Items I and II to February meeting. Discussion of discussing items on O-List or Board list. Discussion of rescheduling Feb. meeting to earlier.

Steve moves to close meeting; Varrin seconds. Voting on motion: 4 ayes, 0 nays, 1 abstention. Motion carries; meeting adjourned at 3:51PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Sandy Pierre, Secretary

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