February 2014 Board Meeting Minutes

FSP Board Meeting
Sunday, February 23, 2014
Crowne Plaza Hotel, after Liberty Forum

Meeting called to order 9:13am
Attending: Carla, Varrin, Aaron (left at 10am), Seamas, Jody, Sharon, Rich (on skype)

1. Liberty Forum
2. 501c3
3. Budget

Liberty Forum. Record ticket sales. VIP tickets work well; expenses matched revenues; Discovery Channel, New Yorker, and other media channels were here. We also had favorable local press. We invited speakers outside the traditional liberty circles, reaching into other demographics, and it was very well received. A tweet-up started the conference, and people were tweeting throughout the Forum. The conference organization team was great. People liked the magazine-style program. There were a lot of first time people attending. Attendees will be asked for feedback via an online survey. We don’t have final numbers for attendance yet, but one good indication was that the parking lot was sometimes full. In order to grow the conference, we’re exploring alternatives for next year.

PorcFest registration opened this weekend at LF. About 150 people registered. Carla will draft contract with main organizer David Butler in which operations and expectation will be detailed, including financial overview, reports, and access to bank accounts as needed by Seamas.

501c3. We’re still waiting for a response. We’re considering splitting the organization into two parts, one for 501c4 and one for 501c3. We’ll talk with a lawyer about it. Seamas will follow up in email.

Budget. Need to come up with our 2014 budget. Seamas sent the 2013 actuals via email, which was reviewed. We discussed how to evolve our relationship with Free Talk Live as we move forward, both with us advertising with them and them sponsoring our events. We’ll continue to discuss all this over email.

Next meeting in April, we’ll use some kind of voice technology instead of Skype text chat.

Adjourned 10:13am.

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