February 2013 Board Meeting Minutes

FSP Board Meeting

February 24, 2013

Meeting called to order 1:17pm

Attending: Carla, Rich on skype, Varrin, Steve, Seamas Sharon, Jody at the Crowne Plaza after Liberty Forum

  1. Budget.

a. Seamas shared 2012 expenditures and compared it to the projected 2013 budget.

b. 501c3 file will be opened in June, so we won’t hear until after PorcFest.

c. Approximately $20k was raised yesterday at LF for Carla’s Trigger the Move campaign.

d. Carla has some promises for more contributions; will plan with Sharon an outreach approach.

e. Jody moved to accept the preliminary budget that starts with the 2012 budget, and also includes the $20k that Carla raised at LF and $10k for website redesign. Steve seconded. All ayes; Carla abstained.

f. Seamas will prepare a monthly breakdown of prioritized budget items, to be sent to us next week.

g. Rich moved to approve budget via email. Seamas seconded. Unanimous.

  1. Web site content.

a. Carla will write it, and will recruit volunteers to help. Target: 3 weeks for release (around March 17).

b. Jody moved to accept web site plan as amended via email discussions. Varrin seconded. All ayes; Carla abstained.

c. Need to fill out Conflict of Interest document. Carla will circulate draft for board review.

  1. Liberty Forum debrief.

a. Attendance: they printed 500 badges and then ran out. Highest attendance yet.

b. There was lots of press.

c. Need signup sheets and donate sheets at all events.

d. We did receive some signers.

e. Need to send gifts to Chris, Susan and family, Crista, etc.

f. When LF budget is finished, if there is a budget surplus, decisions will be made as to allocation of these funds, including gifts to organizers.

  1. Future Plans/ Expand task force: After we trigger the move, what happens to the FSP?

a. Continue to share our successes

b. Facilitate moves; expand welcome wagon.

c. Form a Foundation.

                                           i.     We’ll need to start paperwork soon.

                                          ii.     The idea is to keep FSPers focused on smaller government, fund projects.

                                        iii.     Keep the FSP brand, and probably go with FSP Foundation.

                                        iv.     Vs 501c3: technically there is no “foundation” status. We can be a 501c3 that calls itself a foundation. Ask Brandon Ross about this.

                                          v.     Sharon will prepare an outline at the next Board meeting.

Rich moved to adjourn at 2:30pm. Varrin seconded. Unanimous.

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