December 2006 Board Meeting Minutes

FSP Board of Directors Meeting Minutes 12/06/2006

In attendance:

Sandy Pierre Jason Sorens Morey Straus Brian Sullivan Varrin Swearingen Absent:

Steve Cobb Jon Maltz Meeting Agenda

I. Action item: make decision on how to close out First 1000

II. Discussion: future of FSP

III. Discussion: purging non-contactable non-voters from participant database

Meeting was called to order at 2:04PM FST. (It's noted that it is 3:00AM in Varrin's location.)

I. Action item: make decision on how to close out First 1000

Jon Maltz joins the meeting at 2:05PM.

Discussion of First 1000 progress (over 700 pledge signers as of today, with a 79.9% projected rate), possibility of doing another pledge in 2007, and what could have been done differently to improve pledge signup rate. Discussion of possible ways to wrap up pledge. Consensus is to have Varrin write a "positive but honest" essay and publish it widely: in FSP News, on email lists, to pledge signers and on FSP website. It's unknown whether or not Pledgebank will allow an email to be sent to pledge signers after the expiration of the pledge; that needs to be checked. Varrin may need to have the essay ready by Dec. 31. Sandy will write a post-mortem essay, from the project management perspective, for internal use.

Steve Cobb joins the meeting at 2:28PM.

Sandy moves to agree that Varrin will compose an essay for wide distribution to FSP Participants and friends; Sandy will compose a detailed post-mortem essay, including recommendations for project management improvement, for internal use. There is no second.

Varrin moves to close discussion; Jon seconds.

Voting to close discussion: 6 ayes, 0 nays, 1 abstention

Voting on original motion: 6 ayes, 0 nays, 1 abstention

Motion carries.

II. Discussion: Future of FSP

For the benefit of those who haven't read it yet, Morey's synopsis of our three primary options that was posted on the FSP forum are reposted here:

Get out of the numbers game entirely. Drop the 20k, don't repeat anything resembling the F1K, and stay away from all signup counts forevermore. Adopt a pure strategy that touts the pro-freedom benefits of New Hampshire and why you should move here ASAP. This may or may not include continuing to track the number of actual movers who take the time to inform us of their relocation. Make the commitment threshold more flexible. Allow people to choose a number of other movers or signers that will trigger their own move. This could be set up as a multiple choice quiz, or a number of their own choosing. Continue to encourage moving now or at a lower threshold. Keep doing what we've been doing. Leave the 20k counter where it sits, and only remove people by explicit request. Discussion ensues. Opinions vary on this issue. Varrin suggests that if we choose something like door #2, we could put all the existing 20k signers on as 20k / 5 years in the 'matrix'. We could then add a requirement that you confirm your commitment every year. Alternately, we could publish the aging of the commitments as a third 'dimension'. Jason feels that option #3 goes against the original intent of the Project. He suggests we see how the public conversation goes between 1 and 2, then if 2 seems like a viable option, we should begin to talk about what to do with existing signers.

[Agenda item 3 is essentially merged with item 2]. There is strong division on the subject of purging non-contactable non-voters (count is approximately 1500 participants, per former Director Adam Rick). Pursuing option #1 would make this issue moot.

Discussion of how the timing of this decision might affect Liberty Forum registration. Consensus is that there is no need for concern, as this is a positive step for the FSP.

Varrin moves to place items #2 and 3 on more time pending participant / public discussion and further Doer / Organizer / volunteer input; Morey seconds.

Voting on motion: 7 ayes, 0 nays, 0 abstentions.

Motion carries.

Jason moves to adjourn; there is no second.

Varrin leaves the meeting at 3:20PM.

Voting on motion: 7 ayes (Varrin voted before leaving the meeting), 0 nays, 0 abstentions.

Meeting adjourned at 3:23PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Sandy Pierre, Secretary

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