August 2012 Board Meeting Minutes

FSP Board Meeting

August 20, 2012

Attending: Varrin, Carla, Rich, Seamas, Steve, Jody

On skype.

Called to order at 7:15pm.

President report:

  1. Liberty Forum.

· Chris Lawless has expressed that he doesn't really want to organize it. Carla is currently planning to have "in-depth" discussion in Tampa. Suggestions that he can train an "apprentice" if he will do it once more.

· Chris should pass down a nominal schedule with some key milestones like dates for Venue and Speaker selected.

· Carla said 6 months is a good event cycle

· Dates: They’re looking at 3 options, one of which is late February.

· It was suggested that Carla post dates to O-list and Doers.

· Revisit Chris issue after Tampa.

  1. Chris Lopez

· She has moved the counter about 500 already (Backlog, mostly. We have more than 2K+ names in the database, going back 3-4 yrs, of which many filled in perfect information but didn't click the return link sent via email. She hasn't been processing these—she’s working from the front to make the most recent signers happy--and she has been working through those. We're currently getting 2-4 signers a DAY (that seem legit).

· Sending out welcome letters; signers are posting them on FB (free marketing: people posting about their positive experience of signing up recently, taking a photo of the welcome letter).

· Have to start thinking about how to keep raising money to keep her going. We have currently collected over $5K but a lot of that is due to people paying in a lump sum rather than $10/month. Seamas would count on about $700/month. Chris is working at a rate of $600/month, so under budget!

  1. Other efforts:

· Atlas Shrugged premier in Oct. Carla was invited to attend DC premiere.

· Need help raising money for Tampa, hoping to get 200-300 signers. Not unreasonable goal, at 3% of attendees.

· Need to think about how to make "Free State Now" work for us...

· Louis has been codifying much of the FSP processes.

· We signed up for HootSuite and will be integrating all posts between services: twitter, G+, FB etc.

· Have been pushing FB hard, and that's been paying off too. Over 10K+ "likes," averaging about 40 per day.

· Trying to beef up newsletter until new website comes out. The Board liked the last newsletter.

· Carla wants to raise $ to develop a small but classy development packet: glossy, 4-8 pieces inside for potential investors. Board likes the idea. Varrin has some copy that can be used, which he sent to Carla.


· The Board feels that our position described in the letter has not changed and that if he has a problem with Carla's personal FB page it's not our business to adjudicate.

· Varrin will write a final note to clarify, on behalf of the Board, that the specific speech that he objects to as slander (or libel, as the case may be) was personal speech of Carla's, not of the FSP, and that we consider the matter closed. Board to review before being sent.

· “Carla is happy to accept personal responsibility for Curtis's lawsuits against the FSP.”

Board seat:

· We received statements from nominees Kirk McNeil, Sharon Osborne, Mike Finger, Stephen Prints.

· There was discussion about pros and cons of each. Many of the candidates are real doers and we would hate to take them from those roles. We’d like them all to be on the O-List if they’re not already.

· We should thank them for sending us bios.

· Rich made a motion to select Sharon for the vacant Board seat, seconded by Varrin. Unanimous vote in support.

· Carla will follow up with everyone.

O-list refresh:

There was talk about circulating a list and whittling it down, but no one took the lead on it.

Meeting adjourned at 8:22pm

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