April 2012 Board Meeting Minutes

FSP Board Meeting Minutes

April 23, 2012

Attending: Seamas, Jody (chair), Varrin, Steve, Carla, Rich (late), Brandon (late)

Meeting started at 8:05pm on skype


· 501c3 status

· PorcFest status and budget

· Ron Paul outreach status

· FSP Fundraising/Development

· Hiring of Chris Lopez as FSP admin

· Brandon's resignation

501c3 status

· Email discussion moved this forward.

· Try to expect and head off IRS complaints

· Still need some tax forms, and then a final review

· Need to lean it toward education to make the case for a non-profit. Some ideas: providing education about the benefits of geographically concentrated communities of active liberty-minded individuals. (or something like that);

· Brandon said he’d review the 1023 filing before we send it out.

· There will be a fee of about $750, which will get returned if it’s rejected.

· The rest can be handled by email.

PorcFest status and budget

· Going swimmingly.

· Budget questions:

· Need to promote VIP tix. Tickets sold so far: <300, which is great for this time of year. Porcfest.com now redirects to happyporcupine (garland's site).

· Having multiple PF sites is a little confusing, but we couldn’t figure out a way to make it less confusing.

· We should all be doing some promo on FB.

· Got a significant contribution again from Ross McEwan – if you know him, thank him.

· Need to set up a VIP lunch one day, different from the PF VIP lunch. Carla to organize.

· Logo: some are not happy with it because of brand identity.

· Sharon doesn’t want to work on PF next year, but Jason is on board.

· There will be security this year run by Kirk McNeil. Keep out banned people, help with gun safety, make sure people are comfortable. Two will be on duty most hours, wearing Church of the Sword t-shirts. Think of them as “council” to talk to if needed.

· Question about insurance: we never had it before, other than at Gunstock where they required it. Carla will talk to the Osbornes.

· Incentives: is there a profit-sharing arrangement for PF like we had for LF? Need to get it in writing if there is one. Carla will talk to the Osbornes.

· Vote on the budget. Carla made a motion to approve PF12 budget, with caveats regarding security, financial incentives, and insurance. Seamas seconded. 6 ayes, 1 abstention (Brandon).

Ron Paul (and other) outreach status

· Lots of stuff going on

· Shem and Carla did this in Philly http://freestateproject.org/content/fsp-outreach-south-kingstown-ri-and-philadelphia-pa

· Seamas and Rich did an event at U of MD. Some folks were already planning on going to PF.

· We’re going to get lists from the Ron Paul campaign to follow up with. Varrin gave the “standard disclaimer”: be careful with the lists. Calling lists from publicly available databases (eg. required by law) for FSP recruiting purposes could be illegal. Getting it from directly from the campaign, on the other hand, would be fabulous.

· Carla will be in MA this weekend doing outreach at Liberty Love Fest, along with other FSPers.

· Other people are taking the ball and running with it, not going through FSP necessarily, which is great.

· Steve will be going to LPNC; needs PF flyers

· Carla doing Spirko's Survival blog. Big audience, free banner, and they’re considering moving.

FSP Fundraising/Development

· Mostly waiting on 501c3 status, with lots of feelers out and things in the works

Hiring of Chris Lopez as FSP admin

· Contract position, not an employee.

· Not a board level decision.

· “mini” list of her responsibilities:

  1. be the single point of contact to get event stuff gathered.. meaning followup emails, making sure stuff got paid, making sure stuff got mailed et cetc etc.

  2. finding new events to help promote the FSP.

  3. compiling list of talk radios and maybe contacting them trying to get FSP reps interviews. ****

  4. Mailing welcome letters.

  5. Emailing people whose status is unclear....

  6. I get about 5 people a month who don't check participant or friend... (that should be fixed by IT but it is not... in the mean time we have lots of people)

  7. emailing people we probably have 400 or so people who haven't clicked the verify link.

  8. look for broken links on our website.

  9. Update certain dated things on our website.

  10. Monitor the forums for:

a. interesting threads for certain people to comment on

b. answer general questions.

  1. answer the 800 phone number that we have... (jean alexander has it .. should be turned over to Chris L)

  2. monitor the FB threads.

  3. contact other libertarian orgs see if we can get 'free' ads or paid ads on their websites.

  4. compile a list of college libertarian groups.

  5. post in other forums/chat groups about how great the FSP is .

· How will this affect the budget? We’ll be doing a fundraiser to fund the position. Need $600/month for 12 months to make it fly. Should do this before she starts, though they want her to start May 1. Chris will do a plea herself, which could go far. A money bomb for this could work well.

· Varrin and others have been happy with her organizational skills and work ethics before, so she comes highly recommended.

· The budget expense is a board-level discussion.

Brandon's resignation

· He just feels like it’s time for him to move on.

· He will stay on until PF.

· Recommendations for replacement includes: Chris Lawless (who won’t do it), Kirk McNeil, Keith, Dan G, Bill D

· Need someone with fundraising experience. Jason or Sharon Osborne?

· Whoever it is should be on o-list first. And we also need to clean that up, since there are many people who aren’t active. Current members are here: http://groups.google.com/group/fsp-organizers/members

Next meeting: at PorcFest.

· Rich will arrange it. We’ll discuss when in late May/ early June.

· Steve may not be at PF.

· Donors lunch? Shouldn’t be on Sunday, since everyone’s gone by then. Carla to organize.

· Moved this discussion to email, since it wasn’t on the agenda.

Meeting adjourned at 9:40pm.

Minutes submitted by Jody.

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