April 2014 Board Meeting Minutes

FSP Board Meeting 4/28/14 Phone meeting Attending: Carla, Rich, Varrin, Jody, Seamas, Sharon, Aaron

  1. President's Report
  2. Events: PorcFest update; LF14 Wrap up
  3. Policies & Procedures
  4. 2014 Budget
  5. 501c3 Status
  6. Other business?

  7. President’s report, sent by email prior to the meeting: PorcFest: Current sales: 604 adult, 106 kids, 55 Agora Valley sites filled, less than 20 AV sites left. Bimonthly newsletter “PorcFest Prickler” will begin this week, edited by Sandy Pierre.

Theme: DIY with focus less on “speakers,” and more on DIY/ community building.

Program: Patrick Byrne from Overstock.com is Saturday night keynote. In discussion with others for Friday night keynote. Lots of good class submissions. Great children’s events lined up, being spearheaded by Melanie & Richard Gibson, with a $1,000 donation from an attendee. Cook-off is very popular, so added Brunchfest--need more people to cook & buy tickets. Daily gun safety classes to be taught by Tony Lekas, SAS, and Shaolin Rifleworks. Private security to be provided by Church of the Sword.

Ambassador program: 21 specific ambassadors to roam campground with SOIs and answer questions/get sign ups. The plan is to provide a prize for the person who gets most signers. We are on target to TTM July 2016, but we want to accelerate this to 2015. Merav Yaakov has agreed to work with Carla on project management, and we’re building a support team.

Liberty Forum: Final tally: Event profit is approximately $16K, to be distributed 50% to FSP Inc., 50% to organizer team. In final discussions with Radisson about the contract for next year.

With the move to Manchester, wondering if we should rebrand Liberty Forum. The thinking is that “Liberty Forum” does not stand out as a unique name, and with the venue change, we want something new and shiny: a libertarian lifestyle conference. Looking for feedback/thoughts.

Social Media: Growing and growing. Twitter = #1 source of new signers. FB = #2 and FTL #3. Exceeded 40,000 liked on Facebook over the weekend. Twitter has 53.9K. Working on strategies to make conversion to more signers.

Outreach: Gun show-specific outreach caused bump in signers from NY & NJ. Working with Mark Edge to identify new radio shows to advertise on. Going to do a deal with Freedom Feens (recommended by Mark) for $300 per month for 4 months with 30 sec ads and live reads. Will have a table at Liberty Fest in NYC this weekend, where Amanda Billyrock and I are part of all-women line-up, and is sold out. Jody will also attend. Freedom Fest in July: FSP has booth and break-out speaking slot. Exploring some non-conventional events, or ones we haven’t done outreach at in the past, including paleo/Christian Libertarian and music events. Will need people from the areas to do it, because too expensive otherwise.

General Admin: Everything going smoothly. Welcome letters go out in timely fashion. Chris Lopez is great to work with and has developed office admin skills that are helpful to the org and her. Will be reaching out to the people who supported her individually in the past as a small personalized fundraiser. Need to approve 2014 budget.

Fundraising: Received some TTM donations from appeal sent to 11,000 email addresses earlier this month, but not as many as hoped. Received $10,000 from one donation, another covered $5,000 in LF14 expenses, andanother did another TTM donation. Thank you very much! Will be hosting an offsite event during PF14 for selected sponsors and donors. Setting up meeting with a large doner while in Vegas.

Discussion about the President’s report: a. Need to make an appeal to raise more money for Chris Lopez’s salary. b. Discussion about whether to change Liberty Forum name to make it less generic. No conclusions yet. c. Paying prior event organizers. For the last few events, organizers got part of the profit. The point was raised that prior event organizers did not get part of the profit; on the other hand, prior organizers didn’t make a profit. Recommendation is to make sure that past organizers feel valued. For recent events, the organizing team is being identified publicly so people know who they are and can be appreciated by everyone. We should ask former event chairs to provide a list of their organizing teams, so they can be publicly thanked – e.g., page in the program, timeline – so there can be ongoing recognition. d. Each contract with event organizers about profit-sharing needs to be reviewed by the board, but no approval necessary. Carla will send before it’s signed.

  1. PF/LF: Rich made a motion to make it a policy to do profit sharing with the organizers, where the president and the organizers set the amount for each event and get board approval. Seamas seconded. Sharon noted that we should inform donors about this decision. Sponsors usually sponsor a particular thing in an event, and that shouldn’t be included in the pool of profit. It should be made clear especially to repeat donors, who have been donating money since before organizers got profits. Vote: unanimous.

  2. Policy: Long discussion about whether, to what extent, and how the board decides whether someone promotes violence and is not welcome. We will continue talking about this over email and at PorcFest to see if our policies should be left intact, clarified, or amended.

  3. 2014 Budget: We’re in good financial shape right now; the budget is general in many places because a lot of things are contingent on fundraising.

  4. 501c3 status: We haven’t yet received the letter of denial we’re expecting, but we’re not giving up on the application. We’ll meet tomorrow with lawyers about the most efficient way to move forward to start an organization that’s unambiguously 501c3.

  5. Other business: Thanks to Carla for the weekly updates!

Rich moved to adjourn at 9:45pm, Sharon seconded.

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