Liberty Forum 2016 Early Bird Tixs Now on Sale

Join us February 18-21, 2016 at the Radisson Hotel in downtown Manchester for the Free State Project's 9th annual liberty conference, “Living Liberty.” Meet the early movers, hear nationally acclaimed speakers, and immerse yourself in New Hampshire's thriving liberty community. Early bird pricing available for a limited time - get your $99 tickets today!. Bitcoin accepted since 2011. Visit for more details.

Uber: It's Capitalism, Man

Early mover Christopher David has vowed to keep driving in Portsmouth, despite the recent Uber ban. Listen to this clip of him interacting with a bouncer, a cop, and a grateful passenger, who makes a foul mouthed yet compelling argument for free market capitalism. You can learn more about the situation in Portsmouth, and around the world at Free Uber. WARNING: Contains bad language

Invented in NH

Much of what I know about New Hampshire's history, I first learned in the Super Secret Project's "Granite State of Mind." My favorite lyric: "I could live anywhere, but I choose to live here, in the middle of nowhere." (Although I prefer "Knowhere," geddit?) New Hampshiremen have been inventing awesome things for centuries, from the first mechanical alarm clock, to arguably the first steamship, to the first steam-powered airship and motor bike, to Dean Kamen's Segway. You can read more about it in this 2011 New Hampshire magazine article "Invented Here."

PorcFest XII Video: The Good, Bad & Ugly Developments of Education Reform

Should learning be done the same way it was 100 years ago? Breathtaking developments around the country suggest otherwise.

And while new, innovative school choice options have some incredible success stories, they could be replicated much faster. Similarly, traditional school district modernization, like expanded online and blended learning curricula, better vocational education, opt-out ability for teacher union dues and tenure reforms have progressed in only a few noteworthy places.

Please join Bob Bowdon, Executive Director of Choice Media, for a presentation on the trends in the most important subject in America: Education.

Choice Media not only publishes the best daily newswire and Twitter feed about education, the least covered subject in the American media, but its content remains 100% free.

Early Movers in Portsmouth Keep On Uber-ing

The old saying (and funk song) "Keep on Truckin," which means to plow through, staying focused on the task at hand, needs to be updated to, "Keep on Uber-ing." This is what a group of FSP early movers and pro-liberty supporters in Portsmouth are doing, pushing a new kind of vehicle, the ride-share platform Uber.

Uber's rollout in Portsmouth was set to be a great Seacoast success story, when, earlier this year the Portsmouth taxi commission voted to eliminate all regulations and disband itself.

School Choice Battle Heats Up In Croydon, NH

The battle over school choice in one small New Hampshire town heats up. FSP trustee and chair of Croydon's school board, Jody Underwood, says today on NHPR: "If you really want kids to get an adequate education, the schools have to suit them." This case exemplifies how early movers are helping to give New Hampshire residents more choice when it comes to dealing with the state. Will you join the cause for more freedom? Join the movement today!

Photo credit: Indiana Public Media via FLICKR Creative Commons

Because All the Cute: Meet NH's Albino Porcupine

What's white and white and prickly all over? This Lempster, NH, albino porcupine! People sometimes ask about the relevance of the porcupine as the FSP's mascot. Here's what our standard press release says: The porcupine is an animal that has become synonymous with libertarians and the liberty movement as a whole. Porcupines are peaceful creatures that become defensive when subjected to aggression; their sharp quills are used in self-defense only as a last resort. Read more about this adorable albino porc at the Concord Monitor.

FSP Startup: If BitTorrent and BTC Had a Baby and Made a Library

Free State Project participants new startup "LBRY" wants to foster direct publisher-consumer transactions and let users make money in the process. BostInno covers the story, saying: "Kauffman started the project with Jimmy Kiselak, a former defense contractor, and Mike Vine, founder and principal of a financial services marketing consultancy. All three of them are participants in the Free State Project, a movement that seeks to recruit 20,000 libertarians to move to New Hampshire to create a community of people who believe in limited government. However, Kauffman said, LBRY is first and foremost a for-profit venture. 'This is a business. Not a political project,' he said. 'But it’s certainly inspired by my philosophy.'"

Feeling inspired yourself? Pledge to join the FSP and come help us build the Silicon Millyard. The sky is the limit!


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