January 2009 Board Meeting Minutes

1/25/09 FSP Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order at 2:01 PM. Jon M., Jean A., Varrin S., Jason S., Steve C., and Louis C. present.

  1. Discussion of budget proposal. Following discussion, Jason S. moves to accept budget for calendar year 2009, or fiscal year 2010 if the fiscal year change is not accepted by the IRS. Motion seconded and approved, 6-0.

  2. Discussion of Porcupine Festival 2009 and Liberty Forum 2010 budgets. General agreement that individual budgets for these events should be prepared and approved in advance.

  3. Discussion of fundraising efforts for 2009, including direct mail to participants & friends.

  4. Discussion of 2009 strategic goals, Jason S. will present draft statement to Board via e-mail.

  5. Discussion of Organizers list. Jason S. moves to add Keith C. to list. Motion seconded and approved, 6-0.

  6. Motion to adjourn passes 6-0. Meeting adjourned.

November 2010 Board Meeting Minutes

Date: 21 November 2010

Location: Yahoo Messenger

Present: Rich Goldman (acting Chairman), Cathleen Converse (Treasurer), Steve Cobb (Secretary), Varrin Swearingen (FSP President), Louis Calitz, Brandon Ross, and Jody Underwood.


  1. Opening of Meeting & Preliminaries

  2. Approval of the October meeting's Minutes

  3. Welcoming Jody Underwood to the Board

  4. Thanking Irena Goddard for past service to the Board

  5. Treasurer's Report

  6. President's Report

  7. Liberty Forum Update & Issues

  8. FSP Goals

  9. New Business

  10. Opening of Meeting & Preliminaries

  11. Approval of the October meeting's Minutes

The previous meeting’s minutes could not be found easily on the web site. They are available at:

However, the “book” of meeting minutes is broken and requires attention from FSPIT.

February 2009 Board Meeting Minutes

February 15, 2009 Board of Directors Meeting

Meeting called to order at 2:30 PM. Steve C., Jon M., Louis C., Varrin S., and Jean A. present, Varrin chairing.

Agenda: 1. Discussion of upcoming Liberty Forum: finances, attendees, schedule 2. Jason Osborne/FSP Call Center: discussion of proposal to call prospecting lists about the FSP, and to call FSP participants about move assistance & plans. General consensus that the former should be pursued before the latter. 3. Treasurer: If Cathleen takes over, a new bank may be needed. 4. Website reliability: Need more money for servers. Website is on slicehost, Louis will look into getting detailed statistics from them & put together a proposal for upgrading our server access. 5. Jon will stay on Board through March meeting.

Varrin moves to adjourn, Louis seconds, vote 5-0, meeting adjourned.

April 2009 Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order at 2:30 PM. Jason S., Irena G., Varrin S., Steve C., Jean A., Louis C. present.

Agenda: 1. Replacement of Jon M. on Board. Jean moves to elect Cathleen C., Jason seconds. Motion passes 5-1. 2. Adding Brandon R. to Organizers list. Jason moves, Jean seconds. Motion passes 6-0. 3. New business. a. Cathleen will make decision about where PorcFest checks go. b. Calling issue dead due to lack of interest from Jason O. c. President has new executive assistant. d. Direct mail development plans being worked out. 4. Jason moves to adjourn. Varrin seconds. Motion passes 6-0. Meeting adjourned.

March 2009 Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order at 2:01 PM. Steve C., Jon M., Varrin S., Jean A., Jason S. present.

Agenda: 1. Minutes from previous meeting amended and approved. 2. Jason moves to elect Cathleen Converse Treasurer as of a date agreed by Jean & Cathleen. Jean seconds. Motion passes 5-0. 3. Jason moves to place Cathleen on the Organizers list. Jean seconds. Motion passes 5-0. 4. Varrin moves to remove Mark Warden from the Organizers list, per his request. Jason seconds. Motion passes 5-0. 5. Jason moves to adopt strategic goals for 2009. Varrin seconds. Motion passes 5-0. Strategic goals: "1. Re-launch fundraising and include direct mail and calls to large donors; explore new avenues for fund-raising. Goal: $35,000 in general donations.

"2. Re-launch the local booths and speakers program, with outreach to liberty-oriented events around the country using local FSP volunteers. Budgeted: $9,000 for booths & materials, $500 for travel expenses.

"3. Increase the rate of participants' moving to New Hampshire, with an emphasis on First 1,000 signers.

"4. Emphasize the "friend" signup option for people new to the FSP, increase the friend signup rate."

September 2009 Board Meeting Minutes

September 27, 2009 FSP Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order at 2:25 PM EST. Jason S., Jean A., Varrin S., Cathleen C., Louis C., Steve C., Irena G. present.

  1. Varrin moves to adopt new bylaws. Jason seconds. Discussion of Statement of Intent wording. Bylaws and join page will need to be aligned. Motion passes 7-0, new bylaws adopted.

Jean's resignation from the Board takes effect, and she departs the meeting.

  1. Varrin moves to adopt the following statement: "The FSP Board expresses its thanks for the significant contributions of Jean Alexander during her term on the Board." Jason seconds. Motion passes 6-0.

  2. Discussion of future Board and Organizers e-mail list members. Brandon R. will be formally added to the Board at the next meeting.

Jason moves to adjourn. Varrin seconds. Motion passes 6-0. Meeting adjourned at 3:09 PM.

June 2009 Board Meeting Minute

Meeting called to order at 9:09 AM. Varrin S, Cathleen C, Jason S, Irena G, Jean A, Louis C present. Forms for reincorporation in New Hampshire completed and signed. 1. Motion to change FSP mileage reimbursement rate to the standard IRS rate, whatever it may be. Jason moves, Cathleen seconds. Motion passes 6-0.

  1.  Update on interns program. Interns are making fundraising calls. Interns will receive 100% of the first $1000 net raised (after authorized expenses reimbursed), 10% of additional amounts raised.
  2.  Rich G will moderate the blog feed on the website under Jean’s oversight. The righthand column of the website will be redesigned with three categories: in order from top to bottom, FSP news, media mentions, and blogs.
  3.  Proposal for a quarterly survey of FSP participants will be discussed on the Organizers list.

Varrin moves to adjourn, Irena seconds, motion passes 6-0. Meeting adjourned at 10:37 AM.

August 2009 Board Meeting Minutes

August 16, 2009 FSP Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order at 2:24 PM EST. Jason S., Jean A., Varrin S., Cathleen C., Louis C., Steve C. present.

  1. Jason S. moves to reappoint Steve C. and Louis C. to the Board (necessary after reincorporation). Jean A. seconds. Motion passes 4-0.

  2. Changing budget to annual basis. 2010 Liberty Forum income and expenditures removed, everything else except "Other Advertising" reduced one quarter. Cathleen C. moves to adopt, Jason S. seconds. Motion passes 6-0.

  3. Discussion of FreedomFest results and interns. One potential donor who will be followed up with by either Varrin or Brandon. Interns have not made many calls. Rate of progress from Harris and Sabrielle has not improved, will be removed from program. $890 in donations so far, $15 in expenses. Neal will be able to do more after move to NH. Need more details on running totals.

  4. Welcome letters. Liz has completed. Need to fit into different budget lines: possibly postage, shipping and mail permits; direct mail; and/or development.

July 2011 Board Meeting Minutes

FSP Board Meeting

July 24, 2011

Attending: Rich Goldman, Jody Underwood, Carla Gericke, Brandon Ross (8:15)

Meeting started around 8pm


Treasurer; FreedomFest; website hacking fix; PF, past, future; LF update; Libertopia; LibertyFest NYC

No quorum, so informational meeting.


· Two people are currently being considered: Seamas Oscalaidhe and Merav Yaakov. Jody knows both, Mark Warden recommends Seamas. Merav lives in-state, Seamas doesn’t.

· Jody will contact both of them.

· But first: Need a description of responsibilities and skills from Cathleen.

· Someone mentioned having an in-state person so it’s easier to interact with them.

· The treasurer does not have to be a board position, especially since we don't know the potential candidates well. Can try a “test run” of some sort.

Freedom Fest

· Carla wrote a short report on FB in Doers.

· Thanks to Carla and Mark Warden for doing a great job!


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