The advantages of New Hampshire relative to other states due to its political environment.

Tax Credit Scholarships

New Hampshire School Choice Scholarship Program helps low- and middle-income parents send their children to the schools of their choice by offering tax credits to corporations that make donations to nonprofit scholarship organizations.



New Hampshire has opted out of setting up a state exchange for The Affordable Care Act - better known as Obamacare.


New Hampshire is the only state in the nation to recognize and codify nanobreweries as separate from larger breweries. The nanobrewery license permits small breweries to manufacture up to 2,000 barrels of beer or specialty beer per year for an annual license fee of only $240.


Marijuana Legislation

Medical Marijuana legislation was passed in New Hampshire in 2012. Although the bill wasn't approved by the Senate, the NH State House became the first legislative body in the US to vote to legalize marijuana for recreational use.


Informed Voting

The New Hampshire Liberty Alliance's annual Liberty Rating report card is based on pro-liberty and anti-liberty votes on legislation in the House and Senate. Liberty Ballot, a separate effort, identifies candidates who will reduce the size of government and allows voters to download a sample ballot with recommendations marked for each voting precinct.


New Hampshire rejected the REAL ID (national identification card) program. Free State Project participants were crucial in securing this outcome.


Same-Sex Marriage

New Hampshire was the first state to adopt same-sex union legislation without a challenge to existing law. Marriage between two adults, regardless of gender, is now legal in New Hampshire.



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