The advantages of New Hampshire relative to other states due to its more free economy and less economic regulations.

Fast Growing Private Companies

New Hampshire is home to 22 companies on Inc.'s 5000 list - a directory of the fastest-growing private companies in the United States.


Fertile Business Climate

Early FSP movers have taken advantage of the tremendous business climate in NH by starting a number of successful businesses, including bars/restaurants, a microbrewery, alternative currencies, construction companies, HVAC contractor/reseller, real estate practice, freedom-oriented bookstore, computer consulting, web hosting, radio/TV shows, and non-profit organizations.

Diverse Agricultural Market

New Hampshire's #3 ranking in Stroll's Locavore Index is demonstrated by an active and diverse agricultural sector that ranges from livestock to dairy products to apples to flowers. Furthermore, New Hampshire receives the 3rd lowest farm subsidy dollars from the Federal Government - less than 0.1% of the total subsidy dollars handed out.


"Sin" Taxes

New Hampshire has a tax of $1.78/pack of cigarettes; $0.30/gallon of beer; and zero tax on cigars, spirits and wine.  These are among the lowest in the region.

Photo by Mike Oliveri



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