Questions related to why the FSP will succeed, and others.

Why does the FSP's logo have a porcupine?

When we started thinking about a logo for the FSP, the first suggestions centered around the Gadsden flag and the "Don't Tread on Me" snake. We decided we wanted something a little more original and PR-friendly, to emphasize the freshness of our approach, while still indicating the same idea. Porcupines are certainly cute and non-aggressive, but you don't want to mess with them! Mary Lou Seymour first suggested using a porcupine in the FSP forum, and Joe Littlejohn was the designer of the original logo, which won over various other designs in a vote of visitors to the FSP website.

  • Jul 7 2013 

Why will the FSP succeed where others have failed?

First, pro-limited-government activism at a national level does not work. Once that realization sinks in, people look for alternatives, and the FSP has more than a decade-long track record of success. Second, we are not asking for your money, just your signature--and eventually, of course, your commitment to move. (Of course you can donate your money to the FSP to help us spread the word.) Third, we offer formal organization and expect a pledge from you. These devices are intended to get people committed to idea of the FSP.

  • Jul 7 2013 

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