Many notable people in the Liberty Community have endorsed the Free State Project, and some are even signed up as Participants. If you know of an endorsement to add, let us know.

Libertarian Party of Utah: We Hope the FSP Efforts Spread Throughout the U.S.

At its June 2003 State Central Committee meeting, the Libertarian Party of Utah endorsed the Free State Project:

"The Free State Project is a very libertarian endeavor and should encourage those seeking more individual liberty and personal responsibility through smaller government," says Fran Tully, State Chair of the Libertarian Party of Utah. "We wholeheartedly endorse the project."

In response to those who might interpret the endorsement as giving up on freedom in Utah, Tully says: "Nothing could be further from the truth. We will never give up on freedom in Utah. The success of the Free State Project can only benefit Utahns. If the Free State Project demonstrates that by shrinking the role of the state it can improve the quality of life for Free State residents, then other states will emulate its policies."

Adds Tully: "We commend Jason Sorens and his team for their work on this project and wish they and all Free State Project members and friends success. We hope that their efforts spread through the United States, and brings freedom and liberty back to the people."

Fran Tully, State Chair, Libertarian Party of Utah

And also, the State Central Committee of the Libertarian Party of Utah endorsed the following statement at its meeting on July 16, 2005:

"The Libertarian Party of Utah proudly affirms its support for the Free State Project, and congratulates its membership for having chosen New Hampshire as its destination state for this ambitious project. We also salute those LPUtah members participating in the Free State Project. The Free Staters' work to advance the cause of liberty, whether near or far, sustains our efforts to do the same in Utah."

J. Robert Latham, Chairman, Libertarian Party of Utah

Vin Suprynowicz Is a Signed Member of the FSP

Libertarian author Vin Suprynowicz is a signed member of the FSP, and at a recent convention said,

"I find it sad that these people have to beat the bushes to get 20,000 to cross state lines to preserve liberty, when our founding fathers were willing to die to do the same."

See the 10/17/02 press release about Vin becoming an FSP member.

David Bergland: The FSP Could Change the World

"The lucky folks in New Hampshire may soon be the beneficiaries of a libertarian 'tipping point.' It is wonderful to imagine and anticipate the changes toward liberty we will see in New Hampshire when the Free State Project's goal of 20,000 libertarians moving there is realized. Then, think about the effect on neighboring New England states, then all the states, then all of North America. And why stop there. The Free State Project just could (and should) change the world. The sooner the better."

David Bergland was the 1984 LP Presidential Candidate and is author of Libertarianism In One Lesson.


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