Many notable people in the Liberty Community have endorsed the Free State Project, and some are even signed up as Participants. If you know of an endorsement to add, let us know.

L. Neil Smith Sends the FSP His Best Regards

"The Free State Project has put the words 'libertarian' and 'movement' back together again, for the first time in something like thirty years, and I am more personally grateful than I can adequately express, because it is the Free State Project that stands the greatest chance, in my opinion, consistent with my understanding of history and human nature, of transforming the fictional worlds of freedom, adventure, and romance I have created in my novels into a reality. "I send the Free State Movement and everyone in it my personal best regards. I look forward to calling them my friends, my allies, my comrades for the rest of my life." See the full article The Free State Project in THE LIBERTARIAN ENTERPRISE Number 265, April 4, 2004. L. Neil Smith is one of the leaders of the freedom movement, an award-winning libertarian science fiction author ("The Probability Broach"), and an outspoken gun rights activist. See his bio at the Advocates from Self-Government website.

Libertarian Party of Florida Congratulates and Thanks the FSP

The following resolution was passed by the delegates to the state convention of the Libertarian Party of Florida in Boca Raton, Florida on 3/26/06:

"The Libertarian Party of Florida has decided to officially endorse the efforts of the Free State Project. From the deep south to the far northeast, the Libertarian Party of Florida congratulates and thanks the Free State Project for their work in support of freedom in New Hampshire. Keep up the good work, for all Americans."

Hubert Jongen: I Immediately Saw the FSP as a New Possibility

"For a long time I have been interested in 'free state' projects – from the time I spoke with Mike Oliver in Las Vegas about the MINERVA project! Since then there were many others, but most of them disappeared.

"Then I found out about the Free State Project. I immediately saw this as a new possibility, using existing legal procedures.

"I became immediately enthusiastic when my friend André Lichtschlag (publisher of the excellent German libertarian magazine eigentümlich frei) proposed starting a similar project within the European Union. Soon we formed a small group, the European Freestate Project.

"So I hope that there soon will be two Free States from which libertarians can choose, one in the USA and one in Europe!"

Hubert Jongen is Chairman of Libertarian International and of Libertarisch Centrun Netherlands.

Sunni Maravillosa: The FSP Is Focused on Accomplishing Greater Freedom

"I remember hearing about the Free State Project back when Jason Sorens was recruiting feedback for the idea. Having heard of plenty of other 'let's form our own group' schemes, I smiled, nodded, and pushed the delete key, and expected to hear maybe one or two more things about the project at most. I'm delighted to say that I was wrong...I've been to a number of libertarian-oriented conferences, and read about many more. I know how argumentative and emotionally invested in being right some individuals can be. One of the first, and ongoing, surprises of the Grand Western Conference was how pleasant everyone I spoke to was. Nothing seemed to be about ego; the presentations and private conversations alike seemed focused on accomplishing the goal of greater freedom."

Sunni Maravillosa writes about personal freedom. Her blog is Sunni and the Conspirators.

Libertarian Party of Tennessee Recognizes the Activism of FSP Members

"As the Secretary of the Libertarian Party of Tennessee, I have been asked to send notification to you regarding a recent resolution that was an endorsement of the goals of the Free State Project that was introduced at our 2010 state convention on Saturday, March 27, 2010. The wording of the resolution reads:

"The Libertarian Party of Tennessee formally endorses the stated goals and outstanding activism demonstrated by the dedicated membership of the Free State Project.'

"Yours in Liberty, Ray Ledford Secretary, Libertarian Party of Tennessee"

Liberty Forum of Ohio Is Proud to Pledge Its Support to the FSP

"There is to be no doubt: without such a grass-roots movement as the Free State Project, the usurpation of our rights will only continue to grow until this country needs one day be drenched in the blood of patriots, for a third time. Surely, the Free State Project has provided us with a peaceful alternative to such future bloodshed. Let us not forsake this opportunity to accomplish what those before us were willing to die for: good government, not against, but for the people.

The Liberty Forum of Ohio is proud to pledge its support to the prodigious efforts of the Free State Project. May we stand united in this fight for truth and reason!"

See the full letter here.

Stephen Valentine Hodos, Co-Founder and Director of Public Relations


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