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LIVE Q&A Tonight with FSP Prez and Early Movers at Liberty.me


MONDAY: Free State Project President Discusses Making History via LIVE Online Q&A

MANCHESTER, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- “We are the future of liberty,” says Carla Gericke, president of the Free State Project, a non-partisan, non-profit organization that is successfully moving 20,000 liberty-minded people to New Hampshire. “We’re working to create a decentralized society in which the maximum role of government is to protect people from force and fraud… and we’re getting closer to our goal each day!”

Drunk Lives Matter: News Wrap Up of Uber Activism This Weekend

On Friday night, after Christopher David turned himself in to the authorities and was released on $5,000 PR bail, several peaceful protesters stood outside Daniel Street Tavern in Portsmouth to let people know about the situation pertaining to Uber. For an excellent summary of the evening's activities, read early mover Tony's report here.

Fox News covered the story. As did Reason Magazine, NH1, an open letter to The Patch and Seacoastonline.

BREAKING NEWS: Pro-Uber Driver Has Warrant Out for Arrest, May Miss 1st Child's Birth

This just in from Christopher David, FSP early mover and civil disobedience activist who has continued to drive for Uber in the City of Portsmouth, despite the city council's ban. You can read more about the background to his story here.

Says Christopher:

Portsmouth has a warrant out for my arrest.

Officer Andre Wassouf -- the police officer from THIS VIDEO -- called me two weeks ago to inform me that I may be guilty of a class B felony for posting this audio recording of the bouncer (even though I was on a public road, in my car, and he was on a public sidewalk with no expectation of privacy). Bouncer called the police about it, and Wassouf said he would check to see if the bouncer wanted to press charges; if so, he would call back when a warrant was done. Wassouf recently called again to inform me that he has completed my ARREST WARRANT. Wants me to turn myself in.

NH Open Doors & More

Looking for something to do this weekend?

Check out NH Open Doors where you can experience the best New Hampshire has to offer during this weekend-long touring and shopping event. You can: Shop (tax-free) for distinctive products made in NH; See demonstrations by artists and craftspeople in their studios; Sample fresh products from farmstands and orchards; Savor fine cuisine and wine at a local restaurant; Enjoy special events and cultural attractions; Spend the night in a cozy accommodation overlooking NH views.

Next week, don't miss:

Manchester hosts the 3rd Annual Distillers Showcase at the Radisson Hotel on November 12. For $60, you will get to sample premium spirits, getting you... into the spirit!

Portsmouth's upcoming Restaurant Week, November 5-14, 2015. This is a great way to try out some of the splendid noms the FreeCoast has to offer.

AG Sues Tiny NH Town Over Letting Parents Choose Best School for Their Kids

The issue for the tiny town of Croydon vs. Big Bad Brother has been heating up for some time now. Read more here, here, and here, where the Independent Institute writes:

"Children are not creatures of the state, and public school officials in Croydon should be commended for their efforts to put the best interests of children ahead of petty, parochial politics."

Yesterday, the New Hampshire AG's office mailed paperwork to the Sullivan County Superior Court in Newport filing a complaint from the N.H. Department of Education for a preliminary and permanent injunction against the Croydon School District. Read more at the Union Leader.

NH: Wealthiest State in the Developed World

Yesterday, Ryan McMaken, editor of Mises Daily and The Austrian wrote a blog at Mises Wire comparing Sweden and Germany to American states, finding that if they were to become U.S. states, these countries would be amongst the poorest.

This is interesting, but not half as mind-blowing as the fact that New Hampshire, according to his data, is the wealthiest state in the developed world, beating Luxembourg, Norway, and Switzerland.

Why would this be? Perhaps the NH Advantage has something to do with it? Or maybe it is a combination of the hundreds or reasons why New Hampshire has become such an attractive destination to discerning individuals?

88% to Goal of 20,000 Participants

Here in New Hampshire, excitement is in the air! Thanks to new targeted Facebook ads, a new landing page, and the dedication of a great team of social media volunteers, the Free State Project is growing at a staggering clip!

Since September 14, 2015, another 1%, or 200 signers, have joined the most audacious liberty movement in the world. Assuming this growth rate remains steady--although we hope to accelerate it even more!--the FSP will Trigger the Move in less than 12 months.

Like this? Help us get there faster by donating today.

Love the concept of concentrating liberty lovers together to achieve Liberty in Our Lifetime? Join us.

October 2015 Newsletter

What do Liberty Forum and a Pie-Eating, Sword-Fighting Church Have in Common? This month read about Uber activism, school choice, and a pie-eating and sword-wielding church. Find out about Liberty Forum Early Bird tickets, and catch up on what Early Movers have to say about living in the Free State of New Hampshire.

The Foliage Hunt: Building Bridges

"My buddy, Representative Glen Aldrich (Meredith/Gilford), told me he was planning a day where he could drive around and nail a bunch of covered bridges that he didn’t have yet. You see, when people get old we start doing things like driving around to look at old wooden bridges that have been travelled on for hundreds of years. I’ve had a personal goal to grab a shot at all of New Hampshire’s covered bridges. I’m not really interested in the ones at the Golf Course or the one that’s 4 miles onto someone’s property and looks like it was thrown together with 2×4 construction. I’m talking the ones that served the community, the ones that halved travel commutes, the ones that joined together neighboring towns that otherwise didn’t interact." Read the rest and enjoy the fantastic fall foliage photos at Tony's site. Photo credit: Tony Jankowski, who can be reached at jankowski.tony@gmail.com for reprints and swag.


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