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Heard in New Hampshire

"Excellent turnout, especially considering it was a Thursday and cold/windy. Can't wait till the next one, which will likely be a Friday and much warmer! See y'all again in 2 to 4 weeks. 90 percent of all cars were diverted making this an extremely effective Suspicionless Checkpoint Party." ~Riaz Kahan

"John, I'm so glad I brought you into the 420 Foundation. Your speech at the rally was very inspiring. Hopefully we achieve our goal soon so we can stop holding these rallies. #EndProhibition" ~Caleb Dyer

"Power Walk - Check!! Beautiful day out to do Webster Ave. It's good to have warmth, sunshine and to see and talk to neighbors, and to see people working in their yards.

"Yesterday, we were very busy. We bottled 478 bottles of hard cider and hopped 22 gallons to be bottled next week, which will give us 232 more bottles. Yes we are very happy!! Tonight we're making hard ginger soda." ~Hershel Nunez

"3 miles by the lake, herbs procured for the garden, BBQ on for steak lunch, FSP board meeting at 3PM, then hang time with favorite friends afterwards. Oh, and SUNSHINE ON MY SHOULDER!!! Happy, productive Sunday, y'all!" ~Carla Gericke

Support the people who are making the Free State Project a success!

Hello friends! What a busy year it’s been and it’s not even half way through! We are activating Free Staters, connecting with new movers, and working tirelessly towards #LibertyInOurLifetime.

Thanks to all this extra work, I am putting in more and more hours, and running my laptop through it's paces. I'm calling on all Free State Project supporters to support me as I work in pursuit of our goals.

The funds raised will be earmarked towards my work, and in addition to my hourly compensation, will used to purchase a computer to use. Watch the posted video interview and please give generously today!

I’ve been working on many projects including:

Origin Stories: Justin and Sarah Found their Freedom Farm

Sarah and I came from Upstate NY, the only area either of us had ever lived. We were raised there, went to college there, and got jobs there. It kept us happy for a little while but we knew we wanted to experience more than the cramped suburban apartment in which we were living.

When we got engaged in the summer of 2015 our dream was to stop renting an apartment and find a home, ideally with enough land for Sarah to keep her horse and for me to have some chickens.

While not as ridiculous as NYC, upstate was still an expensive place to live, so we started looking to move. New Hampshire was appealing because it was liberty-friendly, had those 4 distinctly beautiful seasons, and was close enough to see our families without an airplane ticket. When we saw Freedom in the 50 States and discovered that NY was ranked last and NH was ranked first, we knew we were making the right move.

So, during one crazy week in June of 2016, we got married, moved to NH, and took new jobs.

Your Favorite Free State Haunts

Do you have a favorite off-the-beaten path haunt, know of great hiking trails, or have you been keeping that one homemade ice-cream parlor all to your finger-licking self? Now is the time to share!

In the name of fun, healthy competition, and in the interest of creating self-guided regional tours for visitors and new movers, we want you to submit your personal “Porc Expedition,” highlighting your favorite places to visit in your area. We are looking for submissions from the already in-state, crazy, wonderful, seasoned, and eclectic explorers.

Our Regional Welcome Team Leads will pick the top tours from the submissions we receive. We will showcase the best of these unguided tours on the freestateproject.org website as a resource for anyone wanting to get to know New Hampshire better. Your tour may also be included in the next edition of The Free Stater magazine.

Find your region on the map, and connect with your Regional Welcome Team Lead. Send your submissions to Chris Lopez at help@fsp.org.

Origin Stories: Peter Russo Finds His Peeps

I am mover #1653. To know my Free State Project story, I must tell you where I was and how I got here.

It’s mid-July, 2014 and I live in Marion, OH, an hour north of Columbus, when I first hear of the Free State Project. Marion is a place where jobs were scarce. Ironically, I had moved there, in 2008, for a kitchen manager position for a new restaurant concept. Then the financial crash came and my position was absolved. What followed over the next 7 years was my full awakening and transformation into the person I am today.

In 2010, after a year of being unemployed or underemployed, I returned to college, at 40, to pursue a career in web media design. Most of my previous work experience had been restaurant related. After the experience in 2008 I felt I should pursue other interests of employment. It took me 3 years to get my Associate's degree in Interactive Media. In those 3 years; I was homeless 2 consecutive summers due to lack of viable work, I learned to grow marijuana on an expert level, and most importantly became a non-statist.

Libertarians Can Be "More Effective in NH" Says U.S. Senate Candidate and New Mover

You win some, you lose some, and in this case Colorado's loss is the Free State Project's gain. Lily Tang Williams, the Libertarian Party’s fiery 2016 U.S. Senate candidate, is moving to the Granite State. “I think maybe I could be more effective here,” Williams told The Colorado Independent from New Hampshire, saying it can be hard to compete in a state as populous and politically diverse as Colorado. Read more here and learn more about Lily Tang Williams, a Chinese immigrant who was born at the start of the Cultural Revolution, and her recent Senate run here.

Love Shack? Nah, Sugar Shack, Baby

If you see a faded sign by the side of the road that says '15 Miles' to the... Sugar shack... stop, and enjoy! This weekend heralds the 22th Annual Maple Weekend. Join the fun at a local New Hampshire sugar house. Visit sugar makers to learn more about the centuries-old craft of maple sugaring. Meet your neighbors, and get some sweet tree gold while you are there. Insider tip: For the best maple syrup, go for dark... it's more flavorful and sticky-finger-licking good!

Photo credit: NH Maple Producers

Origin Stories: The Jankowskis Make The Free State Into Their Family's Home

I've been a participant and signer since 2005, and in 2009 my now wife Jaime and I moved from just over the border in Massachusetts. When I say "just over the border", I mean 1/8 of a mile and that's where I grew up. Sure, I went to school in Massachusetts, college and worked there, but New Hampshire and its low taxes and booming economy was always the goal. I grew up watching the businesses on the Mass side falter and shutter while just over the border the sleepy Seabrook community grew into the big box boulevard and all the jobs with it. When we decided to finally make the plunge, I leaped farther than just 1/8 of a mile, I roamed up to Exit 20 on 93. We found a place in Tilton, the gateway to the Lakes Region. Jaime was still working in Methuen, Mass and I was still working in Seabrook, at least for a month before the economic crisis hit home and my company shut down.

Heard in New Hampshire

"Birthday party attracts Porcupines, big and small, from around the state!" ~Glen Aldrich

"Love my New Hampshire peeps!!!!" ~Denise Vogt

"I found an item on NH Craigslist that I was interested in, coordinated a meeting to take a look at it, and when I got there and started talking to the seller, it turns out they were a Free Stater too!" ~Eric Franklin

(Photo by Glen Aldrich)

Origin Stories: Sean's Self-Discovery Leads him to the Free State

About three years ago I found myself in a career I didn’t particularly enjoy and in a house I struggled to afford. Was this to be my life for the next 30 years? That was a depressing thought. So, I sold my house and quit my job and began a journey of self-discovery.

I was intrigued by becoming more self-reliant. I wanted to be more in touch with nature and learn to provide for more of my own needs away from fragile and broken systems. I worked on a couple of farms learning to grow food and basic carpentry skills. I took a few permaculture workshops and went on a vision quest in the jungle of Peru. In the end, I came VERY close to building a tiny house and starting a farm; however, after a period of due diligence, I found the economics of agriculture uninspiring.


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