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Visit New Hampshire

Photo of covered bridge

Coming for a visit is the best way to see what the Free State Project is all about. Here you can explore the different areas of the state and experience "Porcupine" hospitality. If you notify us of your visit in the form below, we'll connect you with friendly people to talk to and interesting things to do during your stay.

PorcFest 2017 Wrap-up

PorcFest 2017 group photo

Whew! Finally recovering here at Porcupine HQ from last month's fourteenth-annual Porcupine Freedom Festival. Right off the bat, I'll confirm that yes, there were fewer attendees this year - a little over a thousand versus last couple years closer to 1,500. There are probably several factors that go into that - some we know about and are already working to correct for next year.

Everyone I spoke to enjoyed themselves immensely, and felt like it was one of the top PorcFests. High-caliber conversations, a chance to meet and spend time with fellow activists and future movers, and great content and activities including: Patrick Byrne, Reason Magazine, Dale Brown, Lyn Ulbricht, Tatiana Moroz, Porcupints, Adult Summer Camp, Beergasm, Judd Weiss Photo Workshop, and Daily Doggy Meetups!

New Hampshire Governor Signs Bill Protecting, Expanding Town Tuitioning

New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu signed SB 8 today, opening educational opportunities for families in small towns across the state.

By Jody Underwood

During his campaign, New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu promised at a public hearing in Croydon that he would sign a bill protecting and expanding town tuitioning, and he kept his promise. Today, Gov. Sununu signed SB 8, a town tuitioning bill often referred to as “the Croydon bill,” and Croydon and other small towns are celebrating.

SB 8 clarifies that any town—not just towns that share a border with other states—may include non-religious private schools in their town tuitioning plans. Town tuitioning, a longstanding tradition in New Hampshire and other New England states, occurs when a district “tuitions out” students to public or private schools in surrounding towns and districts because their home district does not provide schools with the grades those students need.

Heard in New Hampshire

"A beautiful night at PorcFest" ~Chip Spangler

"When you stop into a chocolate shop in Manchester and the vendor says, 'We take alternative currency' and 'Happy PorcFest.' #NHitslikethistoo" ~Joan Bastek

"I had a fantastic experience at Porcfest. What a great event! I got to spend quality time with some of the best people I've ever known in my life, I attended educational talks and panels, I received and granted hugs and kisses, I warmed up by the bonfire. It was such an uplifting time and it showed me yet again that NH rocks and that the Free State Project community is my family. Definitely coming back next year." ~Merav Yaakov

"Porcfest was amazing! I met a ton of great new friends, had awesome experiences, and learned a lot of camping lessons! Every year this event inspires me, rejuvenates me, and brings me great joy. Notes for next time: learn to use sunblock before getting red. Now it's all over but the peeling." Mattheus von Guttenberg

"It's difficult to express just what this experience means to me each year. Thank you all for another incredible PorcFest." ~Neal Conner

Origin Stories: Heather and Russ Become Card-Carrying Free Staters

Russ: I’ve been a card-carrying Libertarian since 1998. I don’t remember how I heard about the Free State Project, but it was likely through Reason Magazine. I was sympathetic to the idea, but couldn’t commit to signing onto the project.
Heather: I heard about the Free State Project through Russell and started to think more about it as he talked more about it, especially after he attended the 2016 Liberty Forum.

Heard in New Hampshire

"School Choice passes NH House" ~Aaron Day

"Thank you, New Hampshire Reps. and Senators, as pro-liberty bill after pro-liberty bill passed today! When it comes to legislative voting, today was one of the best days for legislative action in the nation since 2012. Wonderful work, folks!" ~Keith

"We closed on our first home here in NH this week! Thanks to Mark Warden and his team. We will be having a party soon! Bbq, swimming, or explore our 33 acres with a pond and river!" ~Paige Eden Savell

"We have moose! Fish & Game has the shelter across the street on their donation list, and brought them a big pile of freshly butchered roadkill moose. It was more than they could cook or store, so they brought us four gallon bags, probably 12-15 pounds total. I think I'll experiment with moose chili." ~Kevin Craig

A (School) Choice Between Hope and Fear

An excellent column in the Valley News about school choice by early mover and vice chair of the Croydon school board, Dr. Jody Underwood.

"One fact that Nelson does get right is that if children leave inadequate public schools, those schools will lose some of their funding. That sounds bad, but consider the same argument stated in a different way: We should prevent children from leaving failing schools because those schools need the money. In this view, children exist for the sake of public schools, rather than public schools existing for the sake of children.

Granite State Progress "Exposes" the Free State Project

Last night the Rockingham County Democrats hosted Zandra Rice Hawkins of Granite State Progress, an “ultra extreme” left-wing advocacy group reportedly funded by out-of-state special interests. GSP has been tracking the FSP since 2008 with a program called "Free State Project Watch" (complete with scary 'wolf in sheep’s carcass' caricature).

About 80 people were in attendance, including ten to fifteen Free Staters (believe it or not, I don't actually know all two thousand of us).

At the beginning, the Free Staters were invited to stand and introduce ourselves (which many of us did). Throughout the night, Ms. Rice Hawkins invited us to respond to questions, although several Democrats in the audience were frustrated that we weren't given more opportunity to explain our individual views in our own words.

Heard in New Hampshire

"First kayaking of the season... Naticook Lake." ~Keith DeSantis

"It's Bitcoin Pizza Day! On this day we remember the first Bitcoin purchase of two pizzas for 5,000 Bitcoins each. Now, each of those coins is worth $2,275. Come help us remember the important day!" ~Joël Valenzuela

"I just love springtime in my garden! I am taking time to smell the flowers! Everything smells amazing outside!" ~Linda McAulay Pavao

"Thanks for everyone who helped and everyone who made it out tonight! Long over due, but the Southern New Hampshire Libertarian Party has been constituted, ratified its bylaws, and elected the inaugural Executive Committee. If you'd like to help, visit: Odonnell2018.com/donate" ~Justin O'Donnell

(Photo by Keith DeSantis)

Origin Stories: Ryan Crosses the Country, but What He Forgot to do Will Shock You!

Until a few months ago, I had lived my entire life in the Mojave desert of California (Lancaster, specifically). By the time I reached adulthood in January of 2004, I was already sick of both the natural and political environment there and knew I wanted to leave as soon as possible for climes more suited to my tastes. I can't recall exactly when I first read about the Free State Project online except to say that it was at least 8 years ago. Whenever it was, I was immediately convinced that New Hampshire was the right place and I decided at that time to participate and move as soon as possible. I refrained from signing the Statement of Intent until I was sure I'd be able to fulfill my pledge, since I knew that it would be some years before my move.

As it turned out, however, I shamefully forgot that I hadn't actually signed until I was in the process of driving across country on my move, having been engrossed in selling my house and making preparations as soon as I decided the time was right. Events lined up rather quickly and I had been resolved to participate for so long that actually signing entirely slipped my mind.


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