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NH: Wealthiest State in the Developed World

Yesterday, Ryan McMaken, editor of Mises Daily and The Austrian wrote a blog at Mises Wire comparing Sweden and Germany to American states, finding that if they were to become U.S. states, these countries would be amongst the poorest.

This is interesting, but not half as mind-blowing as the fact that New Hampshire, according to his data, is the wealthiest state in the developed world, beating Luxembourg, Norway, and Switzerland.

Why would this be? Perhaps the NH Advantage has something to do with it? Or maybe it is a combination of the hundreds or reasons why New Hampshire has become such an attractive destination to discerning individuals?

88% to Goal of 20,000 Participants

Here in New Hampshire, excitement is in the air! Thanks to new targeted Facebook ads, a new landing page, and the dedication of a great team of social media volunteers, the Free State Project is growing at a staggering clip!

Since September 14, 2015, another 1%, or 200 signers, have joined the most audacious liberty movement in the world. Assuming this growth rate remains steady--although we hope to accelerate it even more!--the FSP will Trigger the Move in less than 12 months.

Like this? Help us get there faster by donating today.

Love the concept of concentrating liberty lovers together to achieve Liberty in Our Lifetime? Join us.

October 2015 Newsletter

What do Liberty Forum and a Pie-Eating, Sword-Fighting Church Have in Common? This month read about Uber activism, school choice, and a pie-eating and sword-wielding church. Find out about Liberty Forum Early Bird tickets, and catch up on what Early Movers have to say about living in the Free State of New Hampshire.

The Foliage Hunt: Building Bridges

"My buddy, Representative Glen Aldrich (Meredith/Gilford), told me he was planning a day where he could drive around and nail a bunch of covered bridges that he didn’t have yet. You see, when people get old we start doing things like driving around to look at old wooden bridges that have been travelled on for hundreds of years. I’ve had a personal goal to grab a shot at all of New Hampshire’s covered bridges. I’m not really interested in the ones at the Golf Course or the one that’s 4 miles onto someone’s property and looks like it was thrown together with 2×4 construction. I’m talking the ones that served the community, the ones that halved travel commutes, the ones that joined together neighboring towns that otherwise didn’t interact." Read the rest and enjoy the fantastic fall foliage photos at Tony's site. Photo credit: Tony Jankowski, who can be reached at jankowski.tony@gmail.com for reprints and swag.

Church of the Sword Goes to NH Supreme Court

Tomorrow, Thursday, October 15th, 2015, the Supreme Court of New Hampshire will hear oral arguments in a case about the Church of the Sword, a non-denominational religion started by FSP early movers.

The heart of the case revolves around whether COTS is a "real church" that can be afforded tax exemption under the IRS's "14 Points of Consideration." I would argue the "separation of church and state" means it is blindingly illogical to allow one party (the state) to determine the status of a religion (COTS), but hey, that's just me!

From Reason Magazine:

"During a written interview, Bloom defends the COTS status as a religion:

On its face, COTS qualifies as a religion as the IRS defines it via the 14 point test. More importantly, a religion should consist of three elements.

Liberty Forum 2016 Early Bird Tixs Now on Sale

Join us February 18-21, 2016 at the Radisson Hotel in downtown Manchester for the Free State Project's 9th annual liberty conference, “Living Liberty.” Meet the early movers, hear nationally acclaimed speakers, and immerse yourself in New Hampshire's thriving liberty community. Early bird pricing available for a limited time - get your $99 tickets today!. Bitcoin accepted since 2011. Visit www.NHLibertyForum.com for more details.

Uber: It's Capitalism, Man

Early mover Christopher David has vowed to keep driving in Portsmouth, despite the recent Uber ban. Listen to this clip of him interacting with a bouncer, a cop, and a grateful passenger, who makes a foul mouthed yet compelling argument for free market capitalism. You can learn more about the situation in Portsmouth, and around the world at Free Uber. WARNING: Contains bad language

Invented in NH

Much of what I know about New Hampshire's history, I first learned in the Super Secret Project's "Granite State of Mind." My favorite lyric: "I could live anywhere, but I choose to live here, in the middle of nowhere." (Although I prefer "Knowhere," geddit?) New Hampshiremen have been inventing awesome things for centuries, from the first mechanical alarm clock, to arguably the first steamship, to the first steam-powered airship and motor bike, to Dean Kamen's Segway. You can read more about it in this 2011 New Hampshire magazine article "Invented Here."

PorcFest XII Video: The Good, Bad & Ugly Developments of Education Reform

Should learning be done the same way it was 100 years ago? Breathtaking developments around the country suggest otherwise.

And while new, innovative school choice options have some incredible success stories, they could be replicated much faster. Similarly, traditional school district modernization, like expanded online and blended learning curricula, better vocational education, opt-out ability for teacher union dues and tenure reforms have progressed in only a few noteworthy places.

Please join Bob Bowdon, Executive Director of Choice Media, for a presentation on the trends in the most important subject in America: Education.

Choice Media not only publishes the best daily newswire and Twitter feed about education, the least covered subject in the American media, but its content remains 100% free.


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