Liberty Forum

Liberty: Made in NH

Find out what Liberty Forum 2015 has in store! Hosted by the FSP, Liberty Forum is New Hampshire's premier liberty-oriented conference. Over the past eight years, this hotel conference has developed a reputation for attracting world class liberty speakers to discuss pro-freedom topics, such as strategies to reduce government interference in our lives, and how to build a better society through alternate solutions in business, the arts, volunteer work, etc.

Liberty Forum provides attendees with the opportunity to discover more about New Hampshire during the winter time. It also provides a taste of the many benefits of socializing, networking, and organizing with a dedicated group of like-minded people. Attending Liberty Forum is oftentimes the "clincher" to becoming an FSP participant.

Past Liberty Forum keynote and featured speakers have included: Ron Paul, Judge Napolitano, John Stossel, Thomas Woods, Jeffrey Tucker, Dick Heller, Peter Schiff, Cory Doctorow, Cody Wilson, and more.

Liberty Forum will take place at the Radisson Hotel in downtown Manchester, NH on March 5-8, 2015. Please check back soon for more information and registration details!

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