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What is the purpose of this vehicle? Where is the terrorist threat in New Hampshire?

I think that the residents of New Hampshire are more interested in preventing the type of atmosphere that occurred in Boston after the recent bombing tragedy. Obviously, the local police could have easily dealt with one wounded misfit. Instead, American citizens were pulled out of their homes at gunpoint by heavily armed thugs.

Maybe the residents of Boston feel comforted and secure by this sort of treatment, but as for me, I want none of it. If state or local police become abusive, there are remedies. But when the federal authorities move in, there is no recriminations. I am speaking of incidents like the Randy Weaver affair, Waco where innocent people were killed, and Hurricane Katrina where American citizens where disarmed and imprisoned.

New Hampshire is able to take care of itself. We don't need federal interference. And we sure as hell don't need this vehicle.

If the Chief of Police is that scared, he's in the wrong line of work!

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