TheFutureofNH (not verified)

As a high schooler in New Hampshire as well as a stalwart Anarchist/Libertarian/Classical Liberal/ etc., this entire project excites me beyond words. I will be graduating in 2015 and hopefully going to school at a large state school further west of here, but I will be voting with all of you once you get here. Thank all of you for your dedication to your ideals. We might not agree on everything, but let's get a Libertarian to show some teeth at the 2016 election, shall we? I can't wait for you all to get here so we can begin to take the state, and hopefully the country, back.

TheFutureofNH (not verified)

I don't particularly care to argue with you here, but I'll have you know I'm poor as dirt, and the only way I'm going to college is by getting a bunch of scholarships at a cheap school. I'm going to need a wide range of opinions or I'll just shut down intellectually. I'm sorry if you're offended by my wish to be educated.

Thanks for making my day just a little bit better.

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I've removed Paul Whitehall's comments, due to incivility and being off-topic. Thanks for your support, we appreciate it!

Paul - if you need to discuss the reasons why, you can contact me using the contact button on the border.

hoqdyzpyjptl (not verified)

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