Many notable people in the Liberty Community have endorsed the Free State Project, and some are even signed up as Participants. If you know of an endorsement to add, let us know.

Libertarian Party of Wyoming Supports the FSP

On May 17, 2003, with FSP treasurer Debra Ricketts attending, the Wyoming Libertarian Party endorsed the Free State Project.

"The Wyoming Libertarian Party endorses the Free State Project."

The Wyoming LP also invites FSP members to attend its meetings, especially the July 12 Annual "Enjoy Your Second Amendment Rights While You Got 'em" Shooting Party.

Jerry O'Neil Believes 20,000 Libertarian Activists Can Accomplish A Lot

"If 20,000 libertarians came to Montana and were truly active, they would own the state legislature, the governor's office, and the U.S. Congress from Montana."

Jerry O'Neil is a current member of the Montana House of Representatives. Prior to that, he served as State Senator from 2000 to 2008.

Libertarian Party of Alaska Unanimously Endorses the FSP

At the April 2003 Alaska Libertarian Party State Convention in Juneau Alaska one of the topics on the agenda was the Free State Project. Some felt that Alaska was clearly the best choice because of its low population and existing strong libertarian leanings. A motion to formally endorse the Free State Project was seconded and unanimously passed.

Neal Boortz Thinks the FSP Can Work

"I think it can work! … I'd like to move there myself; if they'd build me a studio I'd be there! … Good luck. … Stay in touch and let us know how you're doing."

Neal Boortz has a syndicated radio talk show.

Libertarian Party of New Hampshire Welcomes the FSP to the Granite State

At the January meeting of the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire's executive board, the party officially endorsed the Free State Project by unanimous vote.

"New Hampshire residents may find themselves a group of political friends and allies in the Free State Project members, all of whom recognize the virtues of self-reliance, individual freedom and small state government, and will seek to further improve upon and enhance New Hampshire's standing as the liberty-leader among the fifty states.

"The LPNH has formed the 'Welcome to the Granite State' Committee to coordinate efforts promoting New Hampshire as the most desirable Free State candidate. This committee will work with other activists and FSP members to attract people seeking liberty and the spirit of independence that are so well represented in the Granite State."

See press release


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