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Can we raise enough money to Trigger the Move early?

More than 40 Trigger the Move Patrons have already made the financial commitment to underwrite the Free State Project’s plan to accelerate the signer rate. See who they are.

Now, we need YOU!

You can support the FSP by making a one-time $1,000 donation or pledge to pay $100 over 10 months. For less than the cost of a daily latte, you can help the Free State Project:

  • Hire a publicist to generate monthly national news stories (there is a direct correlation between national news coverage and increases in our signer rate)
  • Expand our advertising, marketing and outreach
  • Fund single-issue advertising campaigns on social media (e.g. targeted gun rights ads in surrounding New England states, or reaching out to the Ron Paul community)
  • Sponsor more liberty-oriented events across the country
  • Cover costs for booth, travel, and accommodation at pro-liberty events
  • Design and print more issue-specific marketing materials (e.g. food freedom, homeschooling, crypto-currencies, Open Source, college students, etc.)
  • Update our merchandise
  • Fund staff and offset costs incurred by doers/volunteers

This past year, the Free State Project has:

  • Surpassed 15,555 signers, putting us at more than 77% of our 20,000 goal
  • Hosted two record-breaking events, with PorcFest X attracting 1,700+ attendees, and Liberty Forum 2014 more than 500, as well as attracting internationally renowned speakers
  • Significantly expanded our social media reach with Twitter and Facebook now being the #1 and #2 source for new signers respectively
  • Launched the inaugural The Free Stater magazine
  • Moved into an office space
  • Launched a new state-of-the-art Drupal website
  • Started a monthly meeting for better communication and execution of volunteer projects
  • Implemented project management software and a donor CRM
  • Completed the mover number update project
  • Streamlined administration with regular welcome letters, support desk follow up, and calendar updates
  • Created a new gun-rights specific brochure and put together an active outreach team to recruit at pro-gun rallies
  • Revitalized the monthly FSP newsletter, which now serves as a marketing tool
  • Started providing weekly status updates to FSP doers and organizers
  • Hired a full-time president and retained our part-time administrator, Chris Lopez
  • Launched a successful PR campaign against the false allegations in the City of Concord’s BEARCAT grant application, including the subsequent hush-hush resignation of the police chief
  • Attended scores of events, handed out thousands of flyers, done tons of radio and print interviews, laughed, cried, gritted our teeth, and then fought some more!

If the signer acquisition rate does not accelerate, the FSP will reach 20,000 signers in 2018, and attract the remaining movers to New Hampshire by 2023. This is too long to wait. We know concentrating liberty activists in New Hampshire is a proven strategy to achieve Liberty in Our Lifetime. We need the next wave of activists NOW!

Become a Trigger the Move Patron TODAY!

Watch FSP president Carla Gericke’s update and Trigger the Move appeal at the historic 2014 Liberty Forum. (Apologies for the occasional F-bomb.)

The FSP also accepts Bitcoins. To pay with Bitcoin, select your donation level, add it to the cart, and at checkout, you will be given the option of paying with Bitcoin.

You may also send your donation through snail-mail to: Free State Project, 816 Elm Street #351, Manchester, NH 03101. Please indicate "Trigger the Move" in the notes section.

If you wish to donate more than $1,000, please increase the "Quantity" in your cart.

If you'd like to help, but can’t commit to the Trigger The Move Patron level, please make a general donation.

Whatever your level of support, THANK YOU! Let’s Trigger the Move!

The FSP is currently awaiting approval of federal 501(c)3 status. All contributions will be retroactively tax deductible if status is granted. However, there are no guarantees.

Seth King (not verified)

Less than 5,000 people to go and yet it feels like it's as far away as Pluto. Weren't there like 5,000 signers within the first year or so the FSP being created? And that was over a decade ago when social media was in its infancy. What was done back then to get those first 5,000 signers?

I'm just dumbfounded how slowly our numbers are increasing. I'm really kind of ashamed of libertarians, to be honest. I understand that we're like hearding cats, but damn, the FSP is a no-brainer.

kopetpdqbp (not verified)

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