The advantages of New Hampshire relative to other states due to its political environment.

Independent Voters

Independent voters comprise 40% of the New Hampshire electorate, attesting to the citizens' spirit of independence and dissatisfaction with major parties.


Electoral Fusion

New Hampshire allows for fusion candidates whereby an individual can be listed on the ballot as the candidate for more than one party. Several Libertarians have been elected to office running as fusion Libertarians and Democrats or Republicans.


Porcupine 411

Communication with the NH liberty community is a phone call away. Through Porcupine 411, reports of speed traps and check points, political events, and news as-it-happens are recorded and broadcast via email as audio file attachments.


New Hampshire Liberty Alliance

The New Hampshire Liberty Alliance (NHLA) is a non-partisan coalition working to increase personal freedom through education and political action. They actively lobby for and against legislation, rate legislators based on their pro- or anti-freedom voting records, and recruit and train liberty candidates.


New Hampshire Underground

The NH Underground is an active, peaceful civil disobedience network. This group has organized activities such as conducting an open-carry litter pickup after curfew, filming police encounters, producing radio, television, and internet broadcasts.


Gun Rights Organizations

New Hampshire has several gun rights organizations (Gun Owners of New Hampshire, Second Amendment Sisters, and Pro-Gun New Hampshire to name a few) that successfully work to expand gun freedoms in NH and protect the state’s shall-issue concealed carry permit process and free open-carry laws.

Pro-Liberty Organizations

Dozens of successful, pro-liberty organizations have been created and reinforced, addressing education, taxes, guns, homeschooling, drugs, currency, and many other issues. Whatever your interest, you will likely find an existing group you can help or people willing to join you in the creation of a new one.


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