Many notable people in the Liberty Community have endorsed the Free State Project, and some are even signed up as Participants. If you know of an endorsement to add, let us know.

David Nolan: FSP Attracts Intelligent, Informed, Enthusiastic People

"There were a bunch of really intelligent, informed, enthusiastic people [at the Free State Project Liberty Forum]. I hate to have to say it, but I thought the level of energy and intellectual curiosity was much higher at that event than at a typical Libertarian Party event in recent years." Video

David Nolan is founder of the Libertarian Party

Libertarian Party of Wyoming Supports the FSP

On May 17, 2003, with FSP treasurer Debra Ricketts attending, the Wyoming Libertarian Party endorsed the Free State Project.

"The Wyoming Libertarian Party endorses the Free State Project."

The Wyoming LP also invites FSP members to attend its meetings, especially the July 12 Annual "Enjoy Your Second Amendment Rights While You Got 'em" Shooting Party.

Bernard von NotHaus: The FSP Represents What America Was and Will Be Again

"I endorse the Free State Project because it represents what America was and what it is returning to once again. The Free Staters are the kind of people who our Founding Fathers represented. They are the blood and guts people who risked everything to found our great country. They are the people who are showing the way back to the basic values upon which our country was founded. I am proud to be associated with such a head turning group of real Americans and am honored that so many Free Staters use the Liberty Dollar as their currency of choice. We chose, therefore we are free! Go FSP! GO!"

Bernard von NotHaus is one of the world's foremost experts on private currencies and alternative economics. He is the author of The Liberty Dollar SOLUTION and Bernard's Law: "When the people own the money they control the government. When the government owns the money, it controls the people."

Richard Boddie: The FSP Is Proof that Libertarian Principles Work

"The Free State Project can realistically facilitate the final empirical proof that libertarian principles AND POLICIES can and do allow for greater personal freedom, individual liberty, abundance and harmony, for real! Not theory. No more incessant intramural arguing and debate. No further need to verbally defend against statist collectivists and other skeptics.

"Over years of local application of libertarian policies and generations of grassroots libertarianism in New Hampshire, which already has a unique and traditional hands-on bottom-up township type of governing, it can happen. New Hampshire's system of governance is the most compatible of any in the entire USA with such efforts as the Free State Project.

"All of this can allow for the future proofs of what works and what doesn't work, end any further serious debating on the subject of libertarian policies in governing, but most importantly, facilitate an environment for freedom in American again.

"THERE IS HOPE in these times of neo-fascism in DC."

Richard B. Boddie, Esq., Professor of Political Science at Coastline Community College, Orange County, California. LP Candidate for President 1992. President of The Motivators. Member of the Free State Project

Neal Boortz Thinks the FSP Can Work

"I think it can work! … I'd like to move there myself; if they'd build me a studio I'd be there! … Good luck. … Stay in touch and let us know how you're doing."

Neal Boortz has a syndicated radio talk show.


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