101 Reasons to Move to New Hampshire

Among the many advantages of moving to New Hampshire, these 101 reasons are at the top. If you know of a good reason that should be added, let us know.


Sales Tax

New Hampshire has no general sales tax.

Income Tax

New Hampshire has no general personal income tax. Dividends and interest are taxed at only 5%.

Eminent Domain

New Hampshire state law prohibits the use of eminent domain for private use or private development.

Gun Laws

New Hampshire offers some of the least restrictive gun laws in the nation: no license is required to open carry and a concealed carry license is available on a shall-issue basis.

Seat Belt Laws

New Hampshire is the only state that does not have a mandatory seat belt law for adults.

Helmet Laws

New Hampshire is one of only three states that places no helmet restrictions on motorcyclists.

Automobile Insurance

New Hampshire is the only state that does not mandate automobile insurance (though 89% of NH drivers have it).

Capital Gains Tax

New Hampshire has no capital gains tax.

Legislator Compensation

New Hampshire legislators are only paid a salary of $100 per year, helping ensure the existence of a citizen legislature committed to public service, unlike every other state.

Small State Bureaucracy

New Hampshire has one of the smallest state bureaucracies.

Right to Revolution

New Hampshire's constitution is one of only six state constitutions that expressly protect citizens’ right to revolution (Section 1, Article 10).

Image: Some rights reserved by James Walsh

Best Representation per Capita

New Hampshire offers the best representation of any state in the nation with a 400-member House of Representatives for a population of 1.3 million people.

Image: Some rights reserved by J. Stephen Conn

Executive Council

New Hampshire's unique Executive Council provides an additional check on the power of the Governor. Support of the independently elected, five-member council is required for state contracts over $5,000, high-level agency appointments, and pardons.

Inventory Tax

New Hampshire has no inventory tax.

Machinery and Equipment

New Hampshire has no tax on machinery or equipment.

State House

Reflecting New Hampshire’s relationship and openness to the public, the state capitol building has no metal detectors, And, at 190 years old, is the “the oldest state house in the nation in which the legislature still occupies its original chambers".

Photo by Walter Parenteau

Federal Spending

New Hampshire is ranked 3rd for receiving the least federal spending as a percentage of federal taxes paid.


New Hampshire's constitution does not specifically prohibit secession.

Raw Milk

New Hampshire is one of the few states that very lightly regulates raw milk sales.


New Hampshire is the only state with no laws restricting knife ownership.

Accessibility of Officials

New Hampshire officials, from town clerks to the state governor, are accessible to the public and generally have a walk-right-in office policy.

License Plate Readers

New Hampshire is the only state that has banned the use of automatic license plate readers (ALPR) by law enforcement.



The Free State Project has been endorsed by many in the pro-liberty community, including Ron Paul, Penn Jillette, Peter Schiff, Lew Rockwell, and Walter Williams. In addition, the FSP has received support from Judge Andrew Napolitano, John Stossell and Neal Boortz.

State Motto

New Hampshire culture still reflects its famous motto, Live Free or Die.

Free Staters in Government

Fourteen Free Staters are currently serving as elected members of the State House of Representatives. Free Staters have been elected as Democrats and Republicans

Liberty-Minded Elected Officials

New Hampshire has many liberty-minded members in its state government unaffiliated with the Free State Project.

Small Voting Districts

New Hampshire offers small, easy to canvass voting districts. Each member of the House of Representatives represents about 3,300 people.

Pro-Liberty Organizations

Dozens of successful, pro-liberty organizations have been created and reinforced, addressing education, taxes, guns, homeschooling, drugs, currency, and many other issues. Whatever your interest, you will likely find an existing group you can help or people willing to join you in the creation of a new one.

Gun Rights Organizations

New Hampshire has several gun rights organizations (Gun Owners of New Hampshire, Second Amendment Sisters, and Pro-Gun New Hampshire to name a few) that successfully work to expand gun freedoms in NH and protect the state’s shall-issue concealed carry permit process and free open-carry laws.

Pro-Liberty Media

New Hampshire is awash with pro-liberty media. On the radio, there is Free Talk Live and the Katherine Albrecht Show. Local TV stations broadcast Shire TV and Capitol Access. Other NH-based media that spread liberty worldwide include the Liberty Radio Network, Anarchy In Your Head, The Liberty Conspiracy, Homeland Stupidity, the School Sucks podcast, and The Ridley Report.

New Hampshire Underground

The NH Underground is an active, peaceful civil disobedience network. This group has organized activities such as conducting an open-carry litter pickup after curfew, filming police encounters, producing radio, television, and internet broadcasts.

New Hampshire Liberty Alliance

The New Hampshire Liberty Alliance (NHLA) is a non-partisan coalition working to increase personal freedom through education and political action. They actively lobby for and against legislation, rate legislators based on their pro- or anti-freedom voting records, and recruit and train liberty candidates.

Homeschooling Coalition

New Hampshire has a large, politically active, and rapidly growing homeschooling population.

New Hampshire Primary

New Hampshire's first-in-the-nation primary provides significant leverage in the national debate.

Porcupine 411

Communication with the NH liberty community is a phone call away. Through Porcupine 411, reports of speed traps and check points, political events, and news as-it-happens are recorded and broadcast via email as audio file attachments.

Electoral Fusion

New Hampshire allows for fusion candidates whereby an individual can be listed on the ballot as the candidate for more than one party. Several Libertarians have been elected to office running as fusion Libertarians and Democrats or Republicans.

Independent Voters

Independent voters comprise 40% of the New Hampshire electorate, attesting to the citizens' spirit of independence and dissatisfaction with major parties.

Town Meetings

New Hampshire has a long tradition of local control through town meetings, where town citizens vote on their budgets line-by-line, in the form of warrants.

Jury Nullification

New Hampshire has an active jury nullification movement, which led to jury nullification bills passing the House three times. A bill finally became law in 2012.

Governor Craig Benson

In 2003, then-New Hampshire Governor Craig Benson signed up as a friend of the Free State Project. He publicly voiced his support for the Free State Project on numerous occasions.

Election Cycle

Statewide officers in both the legislative and executive branches are elected every two years, giving voters the opportunity to clean house more often than in other states.

Local Elections

New Hampshire local elections are mostly nonpartisan.

Mainstream Media

Mainstream newspapers and television stations have been receptive of, and fair to, the Free State Project.

Libertarian and Liberty Caucus Candidates

The Libertarian Party and members of the Republican Liberty Caucus are very successful in New Hampshire. They have both won many state and local elections.

Same-Sex Marriage

New Hampshire was the first state to adopt same-sex union legislation without a challenge to existing law. Marriage between two adults, regardless of gender, is now legal in New Hampshire.


New Hampshire rejected the REAL ID (national identification card) program. Free State Project participants were crucial in securing this outcome.

Free Keene

Keene, NH has become a hotbed for liberty media and activism in America.


Tax Burden

New Hampshire offers the lowest tax burden as a percentage of gross income in the nation.

Small Business

New Hampshire is friendly to small businesses and entrepreneurs. New Hampshire is frequently among the top 5 in nationwide rankings of business-friendly states.

Median Household Income

New Hampshire's median household income of $62,647 is among the highest in the country.

Alternative Currencies

The Free State Project community is gold/silver currency-friendly. As an example, Shire Silver is used by many FSP participants as an alternative currency.

Diverse Economy

New Hampshire has a diverse economy, making it hospitable to movers from many lines of work.

Low Unemployment

As of March 2013, NH unemployment is 5.7%; US average is 7.6%.

International Border

New Hampshire shares a border with Canada, facilitating international trade and travel.

Tax Friendly Cities

Manchester ranks #2 on Kiplinger's list of Tax-Friendly Cities.

Lowest Percentage of Poverty

New Hampshire has the lowest percentage of residents and children living in poverty in the nation.

Free Trade Zones

New Hampshire offers 5 Free Trade Zones, including those at Manchester Airport and the Port of New Hampshire.

New Jobs Forecast

New Hampshire currently has the 14th lowest unemployment in the county and is also ranked 14th for the number of new jobs forecast for 2014.

Retail Benefits

Retail businesses benefit from proximity to Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Canada as residents shop in New Hampshire to benefit from the lack of sales tax.

Farm Subsidies

New Hampshire receives the 2nd lowest farm subsidy dollars from the Federal Government, less than 0.1% of the total subsidy dollars handed out.

Portsmouth Job Market

Portsmouth has one of the lowest unemployment rates out of 372 metropolitan areas in the U.S. and thus is among the 50 Best Markets to Find a Job.

High-Tech Jobs

New Hampshire is ranked 9th in the nation for percentage of high-tech jobs.

"Sin" Taxes

New Hampshire has a $0.196/gallon tax on gasoline; $1.68/pack of cigarettes; $0.30/gallon of beer; and zero tax on spirits and wine. These are among the lowest in the region.

Photo by Mike Oliveri

Diverse Agricultural Market

New Hampshire has an active and diverse agricultural sector that ranges from livestock to dairy products to apples to flowers.

Fertile Business Climate

Early FSP movers have taken advantage of the tremendous business climate in NH by starting a number of successful businesses, including bars/restaurants, a microbrewery, alternative currencies, construction companies, HVAC contractor/reseller, real estate practice, freedom-oriented bookstore, computer consulting, web hosting, radio/TV shows, and non-profit organizations.

Quality of Life


Stroll's Locavore Index for 2013 ranks New Hampshire 3rd in the nation for the availability and consumption of locally produced foods.

Active Social Community

New Hampshire has an active pro-liberty social community. Participants host weekly events like Social Sundays, Nashua Liberty Social, and holiday parties, along with weekly and monthly mixers. Your social calendar will always be full!

Quality of Life and Livability

New Hampshire has been ranked #1 in the nation for quality of life and livability 5 years in a row.


New Hampshire is the safest state in the country.


New Hampshire is the 3rd healthiest state in the nation.

Health Care Quality

New Hampshire is ranked 1st for health care quality.

Highway Safety

New Hampshire has the 3rd fewest fatalities per 100 million miles driven.

Child Well-Being

New Hampshire is ranked 1st nationally in the index for child well-being.

Vehicle Ownership

New Hampshire is the least expensive state in which to own a vehicle.

Annual Liberty Events

The annual New Hampshire Liberty Forum and Porcupine Freedom Festival attract hundreds of liberty lovers from around the country.

Schooling Options

New Hampshire offers many private/non-government schooling options, including home schools, Montessori schools, Waldorf schools, religious schools, boarding schools, and traditional private high schools.

Standard of Living

New Hampshire has the highest standard of living in the country (based on poverty rate, 2011)

Economic and Financial Capability

New Hampshire residents rank #1 in knowledge of fundamental economics and financial concepts.

Teenage Pregnancy

New Hampshire has the lowest teen pregnancy rate among the states.

Quality Education

New Hampshire 4th graders ranked 1st place in a national science assessment test.

Non-Profit Organizations

New Hampshire offers hundreds of private, non-profit organizations ranging from food banks, to youth mentoring, to health services.

Post-Secondary Education

New Hampshire is home to 23 accredited, degree-granting colleges and universities, including Ivy League member, Dartmouth. New Hampshire also offers several trade schools.

Religious Tolerance

New Hampshire is home to people of all religions as well as those who are non-religious. The New Hampshire population is among the most religiously tolerant, with 73% believing that other religions can lead to eternal life.

Air Transportation

Air transportation to and from New Hampshire is facilitated by 118 registered airports, 64 registered heliports, and 6 registered sea plane bases.

Cellular Phones and Internet

New Hampshire offers modern, extensive cellular and Internet infrastructures and statewide access to low-cost, high-speed Internet. Fiber Optics (FiOS) service available in select areas.

Hunting and Fishing

New Hampshire offers extraordinary opportunities for black bear, coyote, moose, white-tailed deer, waterfowl, and beaver hunting as well as deep-sea, river, lake and even ice fishing.


In addition to many small and unique family-owned businesses, most large, national chain stores are within short driving distance.

Gun Clubs and Shooting Ranges

New Hampshire has a plethora of gun clubs throughout the state.

Varied Communities

New Hampshire offers an incredibly diverse mix of communities. Whether you are interested in living in a city, in the suburbs, on a farm, by the beach, in the mountains, or on a lake, you can find your dream home in New Hampshire.

Be a Part of History

Being in New Hampshire as part of the Free State Project offers the added benefit of knowing you are part of something historic. Rather than just talking about liberty and accepting your loss of freedoms, you will be an active participant in making history, achieving Liberty in Our Lifetime!

Geography and Environment

Small Size Promotes Activism and Community

New Hampshire's relatively small geographic size facilitates activism statewide and makes frequent collaboration and meetings among FSP members possible.

Water Resources

New Hampshire offers abundant water resources. The potential for water shortages in NH is insignificant.

Risk for Natural Disasters

New Hampshire is considered at very low risk for hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, and forest fires.

Outdoor Activities

New Hampshire offers outdoor activities throughout the year, including biking, bird watching, boating, camping, climbing, fishing, golfing, going to the beach, hiking, horseback riding, hunting, skate boarding, skiing, and snowmobiling.

Hiker's Dream

NH is a great place for hikers, boasting 48 mountains with peaks higher than 4,000 feet, access to the Appalachian Trail, and numerous trails of various distances and difficulties throughout the state.

Ocean Port

With its deep-water port on the Atlantic Ocean, NH has access to worldwide trade markets.

Four Seasons of Fun

New Hampshire enjoys all four seasons. Fall foliage attracts tourists from all over; in winter, snow-related recreational activities are popular; spring brings blooming wildflowers and greenery galore; and in the summer, outdoor festivals abound.

Well Placed for Outreach

New Hampshire's location allows the FSP to target the libertarian population living among the 13 million people in the other five New England states.

Mount Washington

New Hampshire is home to the tallest mountain in the Northeast, Mount Washington, affording 100-mile views of three states and Canada.

Mount Monadnock

Mount Monadnock in Jaffrey is the 3rd most-hiked mountain in the world.

Scenic Beauty

New Hampshire is a state with breathtaking beauty and scenery - the ocean, lakes, mountains, forests, rivers, picturesque New England towns, covered bridges, and historical homes.

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